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Please read the below Terms of Use carefully before using this Sanrio website. After reading these terms, your use of this website indicates your acknowledgement and agreement to these terms. If you do not agree to comply with all of the foregoing, please do not use this site or any of the services or information.


1. How To Use This Site

Any use of the information provided on this site without express permission from Sanrio, except use for private, personal purposes, is strictly prohibited.

  1. All of the data that forms the content of this site, including but not limited to graphics such as designs and photographs, motion pictures (including animations and live-action footage), text, audio (music and voice), as well as programs, (hereinafter collectively known as “data”), is covered by copyright or neighboring rights. The copyrights for this data, with the exception of data owned by rights holders other than Sanrio (hereinafter called “separate rights holders”) and used by Sanrio with the permission of said separate rights holders, are owned by Sanrio Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Sanrio).
  2. With the exception of the copyrights owned by the separate rights holders as stipulated in (1.), Sanrio owns the copyrights and neighboring rights to the data on this website. That is, only Sanrio is able duplicate (copy), present/perform, broadcast or transmit data (including via the Internet), distribute and screen (motion picture) data, as well as exercise any other rights belonging to the copyright and neighboring rights holder, as stipulated under copyright law.
  3. When you download data from this site, the copyright and neighboring rights holder, Sanrio, grants you the nonexclusive right to use the data. However, this does not in any way amount to an assignment or transferal of copyright or neighboring rights. By downloading data from this site you agree to use the data strictly within the limits of the Terms of Use provided here.
  4. Any data downloaded from this site is to be used for private, personal use in your own home, unless special permission for use in another capacity is granted by the copyright holder. The following actions are therefore strictly prohibited:

    a) Distribution, sale, modification, duplication, decompilation, reverse engineering or disassembly of all or part of the data. For example, taking an image of a character from this site and tampering with it or displaying it as is on your own website as your own website data, would fall under the above categories.

    b) Installation of the data from this site on more than one computer.

  5. Permission is required from Sanrio under Article 20 of the Copyright Act in order to alter or remove any data from this site. However, Sanrio strictly prohibits any such actions.
  6. If you have been judged by Sanrio to be in breach of any of the Terms of Use, Sanrio reserves the right to immediately and without warning terminate the agreement between you and Sanrio relating to your right to use the data on this site. Furthermore, upon termination of said agreement you shall immediately cease to use the data on this site, and shall destroy all such data and copies thereof that you have in your possession.
  7. Regardless of whether any agreement has been terminated under (6.), any use of the data without permission from Sanrio, other than for private purposes (or any cases specifically authorized under the Copyright Act) or any alteration of the data on this site, is an infringement of copyright (neighboring rights). Under the Copyright Act, any person or persons found to be held in breach of copyright law, in addition to receiving a court injunction and claims for compensation etc. from the copyright (neighboring rights) holder, may also be subject to up to 3 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 1,000,000 yen.
  8. The copyrights and neighboring rights relating to the data on this site are not only protected under the copyright laws of this site’s country of origin, Japan, but also, in accordance with the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention, under the laws of the country from which this site is being accessed. Therefore, improper use of the data on this site, even outside of Japan, shall be held as an infringement of copyright (neighboring rights) as stated in (7.)
  9. Japanese law shall be the basis for any interpretation of the content of these Terms of Use. Furthermore, regardless of any translation of these Terms of Use into a foreign language, the original Japanese language version of these Terms of Use shall remain the basis from which any interpretation of the content and meaning of said Terms of Use shall be taken. Only the fully executed Japanese language version of these Terms of Use is valid. This English translation is provided solely for informational purposes. If any of the provisions stated in these Terms of Use is found to be illegal, or becomes invalid, or for any reason the execution of such provision(s) becomes impossible, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and binding. Furthermore, any lawsuits that arise in relation to this site shall be conducted at and under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court, Japan.

2. Disclaimers

In no way does Sanrio provide any warranties regarding the content of the data on this site, the use thereof, or any other items relating to said data.


Sanrio provides no warranties, explicit or implied, regarding the data on this site. Furthermore, you accept that the data on this site is provided “as is”, and whatever the condition of said data, all expenses relating to correction of defects or errors etc. shall be borne by you. In addition, Sanrio claims no responsibility for any loss incurred by you as a result of using the data on this site. Therefore, Sanrio will not field any complaints, cover any expenses, provide any compensation etc. in (but not limited to) the following instances:


a) Problems are detected relating to the content of the data on this site (completeness, accuracy, reliability and fitness for a particular purpose.)

b) Usage of downloaded data is interrupted, or if any error occurs.

c) Failure occurs in the ability to send or receive data.

d) Viruses or other harmful components are detected in the data or on the Sanrio server.